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A Tentmakers’ Market: where traditional fabric is still made and sold

Monday, January 19th, 2015
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In Cairo a Tent Makers market dating back to Medieval times is fighting to deal with the cheap machine made imports from Asia.

Cairo's TentMakers Market

Cairo’s TentMakers Market

In a post-industrial revolution world in which machines have mostly over traditionally handmade items, it is becoming difficult for certain craft traditions, including Egypt’s deep-seated tent-making, to survive, not to mention stay competitive.

Built in 1600s, the Tent Makers Market, the so-called El Khayameya, is Cairo’s sole remaining medieval covered market which takes its name from the bright colored fabrics, including appliqué works, cushion, covers, Egyptian cotton bed covers, wall hangings, car covers and traditional Egyptian galabeyas (floor length dress clothes.)

The full article can be read on Cairo Times website.

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