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London Vintage Wedding Fair

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011
Fashion, Vintage, Weddings.

Under the glorious sunshine England has been basking in of late I headed down to the Royal Geographic Society’s headquarters. Located in the impressive neighbourhood of Hyde Park and Kensington, the site is flanked by the Royal Albert Hall and the Victoria & Albert Museum.  The tourists were out en masse as were many Londoners, taking advantage of the heat.

I headed along to gauge the Vintage Wedding market, see what suppliers are out there and to see what the event was like. The building’s shape meant that the fair meandered through a number of rooms and corridors around a central courtyard, at which one could enjoy the sunshine with a coffee.  It had a crowded feel as the public and the suppliers mingled in the confined space.

The atmosphere seemed jolly and excitable as the mainly female attendees tried on shoes, dressesm hats and jewellery.  This fair was much more based around wedding dresses than last week’s event at Leamington Spa.  It seemed that 80% of the suppliers were wedding dress purveyors, with a couple of Vintage Crockery suppliers, a photographer, Band and a few caterers and jewellery suppliers.

I chatted to the crockery suppliers both of whom were nice and friendly and had some nice crockery.  I will be posting some of the suppliers information on this blog as it grows.