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US World War II Tents still in production

Saturday, July 30th, 2011
Tents, Vintage.

World War II US Squad Tent

A visit to War & Peace Show this month was very inspiring for us vintage canvas lovers. We saw lots of original and recreated tents from the twentieth century. We saw some lovely buff yellow faded British Army GS Marquees (would like to add that colour to our range of faded sections), but the ones that most caught the eye this time were the many US squad tents.  The curved undulating walls and poleless ridges evoked the lines of Bedouin tents.

Upon return I thumbed the weighty tomes of the web and was chuffed to read that the company that made these tents back in the 1940’s has put these tents back into production for today’s growing retro and reenactor market.

Armbruster Mfg. Co. has built tents for the U.S. Government and the Red Cross since the turn of the century. The first government orders began during WWI, then larger orders during WWII when 3 shifts of workers were used to complete wartime contracts. All types of tents were manufactured by Armbruster.