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Keep Calm & Carry On

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011
Fashion, Publications, Vintage.

This poster seems to be increasingly popular here in the UK.  Its slowly been appearing in more and more retailers and now adorns many walls as well as numerous other items.  The most commercially minded is KeepCalmAndCarryOn who have taken the domain, exploited the fact that the poster is out of copyright and produced a plethora of appealing products.

The history of the poster is well documented on Wikipedia and makes an interesting story.  The fact that the person who has immortalised these stoical British , stiff upper lip, words is lost to the mists of time adds a charm to the tale.

The poster and its words have certainly made an impact both here and aboard and perhaps its comforting words (as if delivered by a rather formal , but friendly, great aunt) offer succour in these times of great change.  The numerous spin off posters already attribute to its social spread, simlilar to the motivational posters of the early 90’s , which were followed by the piss taking spoofs soon after.

The Crown logo resonates of the Royal Mail, a bygone Vintage era, Britain, Parliament, the clean font like the classic used for London Underground and the words themselves can suggest that other great British ‘Carry On’ , the saucy films of the 60′ & 70’s.