Vintage Tents

Life on the Holme Front – 1940s Weekend

Friday, October 7th, 2011
Events, Tents, Vintage.

I wandered around in the glorious 30’c heat and enjoyed this event very much.  Learnt a lot about Holme’s part in WWII, reading the display and looking at the extensive photos in Holmewood Hall. It was very evocative and easy to be transported back to those days.  The Hall itself was great to see , a lovely building and one not generally open to the public.

There was one rather tatty looking military tent serving as the newsreel cinema, and it was providing sterling service keeping the hot October sun off people.

This was a nice event with a good range of stalls, displays, vehicles and it was nice that it was integrated into the village of Holme.  The sun really helped add a lovey golden late summer feel.