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Early 20th Century Canvas Tent Pics

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014
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John Ball, who kindly provided the pictures in my last post about the canvas tents at Heathrow Airport, has taken up my challenge to him of finding more pictures of all sorts of vintage canvas tent pics. John is an avid metal detector in Somerset & Dorset, cataloging his finds in local fields and presenting his finds to interested locals. His digging around has produced these great images we can show on here.

victorian canvas tent

1889 print. Looks like a circus or show event with a tent in the background

1915 circus

1915 circus


1920s Canvas Circus Tent

1920s circus tent


1920s circus tent

1920s circus tent




Pic dated 1945. Shows the US army WWII ‘pyramid’ style tent. Still made by Armbrusters in the US.


1918 Circus Cowgirl with tent

Friday, June 10th, 2011


This girl was from a family that was an American traveling circus family with last name of Brown who travelled around the US in early 19 teens. It shows a stripey circus style tent in the background.

The original image was sold by this website.