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George Washington’s Headquarters Tent has been restored

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

George Washington’s Vintage Canvas Tent

Very interesting article on a very historic vintage canvas tent being brought back to life.

The tent’s journey to the museum spans more than 100 years. In pieces, it was purchased in 1909 by Reverend Dr. W. Herbert Burk from Robert E. Lee’s daughter to be exhibited in the Valley Forge Museum of American History.

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A Tentmakers’ Market: where traditional fabric is still made and sold

Monday, January 19th, 2015
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In Cairo a Tent Makers market dating back to Medieval times is fighting to deal with the cheap machine made imports from Asia.

Cairo's TentMakers Market

Cairo’s TentMakers Market

In a post-industrial revolution world in which machines have mostly over traditionally handmade items, it is becoming difficult for certain craft traditions, including Egypt’s deep-seated tent-making, to survive, not to mention stay competitive.

Built in 1600s, the Tent Makers Market, the so-called El Khayameya, is Cairo’s sole remaining medieval covered market which takes its name from the bright colored fabrics, including appliqué works, cushion, covers, Egyptian cotton bed covers, wall hangings, car covers and traditional Egyptian galabeyas (floor length dress clothes.)

The full article can be read on Cairo Times website.

Early 20th Century Canvas Tent Pics

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014
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John Ball, who kindly provided the pictures in my last post about the canvas tents at Heathrow Airport, has taken up my challenge to him of finding more pictures of all sorts of vintage canvas tent pics. John is an avid metal detector in Somerset & Dorset, cataloging his finds in local fields and presenting his finds to interested locals. His digging around has produced these great images we can show on here.

victorian canvas tent

1889 print. Looks like a circus or show event with a tent in the background

1915 circus

1915 circus


1920s Canvas Circus Tent

1920s circus tent


1920s circus tent

1920s circus tent




Pic dated 1945. Shows the US army WWII ‘pyramid’ style tent. Still made by Armbrusters in the US.


More Vintage Army Marquee Images at Heathrow Airport

Thursday, February 6th, 2014
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We have just been kindly sent some more pics of vintage canvas army marquee images taken at Heathrow airport.  The pics date from just after the second world war when the former airbase began to be used as an aiport.  My thanks go to John Ball for the supply of these pics.

Classic green army marquees alongside vintage period cars

Classic green army marquees alongside vintage period cars

heathrow tents

design classics alongside each other canvas marquee and Sir Giles Gilbert Scott's red telephone box.

design classics alongside each other canvas marquee and Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s red telephone box.

Vintage Military Tent revealed Heathrow Airport 1946

Thursday, June 13th, 2013
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Vintage Tents Photograph

We were excited to see this vintage tent photograph surface in a Daily Mail feature on a series of pictures revealing the post war creation of the luxury air industry. The picture shows the inside of the British Army General Service Marquee with the addition of some civilian lamps and a WHSmiths counter at one end.  The picture is captioned saying the tents were used in the summer of 1946 as the new commercial flying operations began at Heathrow airport. The many demobbed and trained pilots meant the fledgling industry was primed with trained pilots.

1940s themed party

Saturday, May 4th, 2013
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As vintage tents make a great venue for a 1940s themed party we thought we’d get your creative inspiration juices flowing with this board on pinterest.

Check out Over The Moon Tents for vintage tents hire of British army canvas tents from the 1940s.

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Vintage Tent Pics Pinterest

Sunday, April 28th, 2013
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Spring is in the air and our vintage tents see their first bit of 2013 air in May.  We have set up a vintage tents picture moodboard on Pinterest. You can see some of the pics below, but there are more on Pinterest.

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Pop-Up Restaurant in a Spiegel Tent

Monday, November 19th, 2012
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As the festive season approaches and we seek comfort in cosy places and enjoy the lights, sounds and smells of the season why not try a Pop-Up retaurant inside the Christmas Spiegel Tent in Bristol?

Britains burgeoning pop-up restaurant scene is gathering pace and culinary delights can be found in the quirkiest of places, Sea Scout Huts, summer time gardens, festivals and tents!   Pop-Up restuarants bring the buzz of spontaneity, the spice of an unusual setting (and we all know that presentation is key to a good meal) and very ‘Now’ in the UK.   The Spiegel Tent is a vintage veteran tent that we reported on in this earlier article. The Christmas Spiegel Tent site has some history of the Spiegel Tent too.  This Christmas you can find one in Bristol hosting a pop-up restaurant from Mi Casa who are regular pop-up peeps in Bristol and the South West.

Also in our local Somerset area is Matt’s Kitchen in Bruton, the hot off the hob Kitchen Table in Wincanton. Wells chef AWARD-winning chef Adam Fellows took his Goodfellows restaurant to Glastonbury to create its first fine dining pop-up in a tent and an old Vintage Bedford TK supplied by Malinkey’s Mobile.

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Designer Pitches Vintage Indoor Tents

Thursday, July 19th, 2012
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Designer Peter Schechter’s constant packing and moving for school or work tugged at his nostalgia and had him craving that comforting feeling only a home can provide. He found himself going back to a childhood habit of building his own intimate space, and often, he says, it took the form of tent forts.

Schechter is not alone. In living rooms across the country, adults have set up camp, staking out their own places to escape or play in. Indoor tents, from whimsical to sophisticated, have also been popping up on websites like Pinterest and Etsy. Schechter, a 26-year-old Maryland native who moved to Austin about two years ago, brought the idea here with his newly launched line of indoor tents, called Campsite No. 5.

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Britain’s Tents go Vintage for the Diamond Jubilee

Saturday, June 9th, 2012
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Lots of vintage military tents were out on duty last week keeping villagers in Charlton Musgrove, Somerset & West Meon, Hampshire dry for the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

Charlton Musgrove's Diamond Jubilee Tent

The 60 year old tents preformed valiantly staving off the wind and rain and creating a great atmosphere for the celebrations.  They got lots of good comments and at West Meon villagers partied their way into the night on the dancefloor.