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A Tentmakers’ Market: where traditional fabric is still made and sold

Monday, January 19th, 2015
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In Cairo a Tent Makers market dating back to Medieval times is fighting to deal with the cheap machine made imports from Asia.

Cairo's TentMakers Market

Cairo’s TentMakers Market

In a post-industrial revolution world in which machines have mostly over traditionally handmade items, it is becoming difficult for certain craft traditions, including Egypt’s deep-seated tent-making, to survive, not to mention stay competitive.

Built in 1600s, the Tent Makers Market, the so-called El Khayameya, is Cairo’s sole remaining medieval covered market which takes its name from the bright colored fabrics, including appliqué works, cushion, covers, Egyptian cotton bed covers, wall hangings, car covers and traditional Egyptian galabeyas (floor length dress clothes.)

The full article can be read on Cairo Times website.

Around The World With Vintage Tents

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Inside a Speigel Tent

There is a nice article in the Irish Independent on Spiegel Tents and the man who travels the world putting them up. Nice work if you can get it.

Read the article here

Designer Pitches Vintage Indoor Tents

Thursday, July 19th, 2012
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Designer Peter Schechter’s constant packing and moving for school or work tugged at his nostalgia and had him craving that comforting feeling only a home can provide. He found himself going back to a childhood habit of building his own intimate space, and often, he says, it took the form of tent forts.

Schechter is not alone. In living rooms across the country, adults have set up camp, staking out their own places to escape or play in. Indoor tents, from whimsical to sophisticated, have also been popping up on websites like Pinterest and Etsy. Schechter, a 26-year-old Maryland native who moved to Austin about two years ago, brought the idea here with his newly launched line of indoor tents, called Campsite No. 5.

More info on here

1950’s Marquees Revealed

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011
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What a beauty!

Discovered some fab pics on this website today.

Barkers Marquees started life in the early 1900s at Epsom Races. Charles Fredrick Barker erected beer and tea tents to house his catering company’s light refreshments. Soon the Marquees Hire business took over from catering. By 1950s, C F Barkers and Sons were one of London’s leading Marquee Hire Businesses.

Barkers are still going to this day and flying the flag for manufacture still in good ole Blighty!